Mexican authorities rescue 101 animals from filthy zoo


Lionesses kept in tiny cages at a zoo in Tehuacán, Mexico. Photo courtesy of PROFEPA.

Following complaints from visitors, Mexican environmental authorities have confiscated 101 animals from a zoo in Tehuacán. Authorities said the zoo, called Club de Los Animalitos (Little Animals’ Club) was not only severely overcrowded and dirty, with cages piled on top of each other, it also lacked the proper documentation for some of its exotic species.

The confiscated animals included 15 Bengal tigers, nine jaguars, five pumas, seven leopards, five African lions, two grizzly bears, three bison, a dromedary and several types of monkeys.

Wildlife authorities shared many photos of the mistreated animals on Twitter and explained that they would be placing them in better homes. They also plan to take the zoo owner to court.

All photos courtesy of PROFEPA.