Turkish men don skirts to protest violence against women


Photo published on Twitter by Zambak Tukan.

Visitors to Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square this weekend witnessed an unlikely sight: dozens of men dressed in skirts – some in miniskirts they might have borrowed from girlfriends, others in long flowery skirts more likely to have been borrowed from mothers or grandmothers. But this was no fashion show. The men did this as a show of support for victimised women following the rape and murder of 20-year-old student Ozgecan Aslan two weeks ago.

The young woman’s slaying provoked a nationwide debate, with some conservatives citing “provocative dress” – such as short skirts – as one reason behind sexual assault. This inspired calls on social media for a “skirt-wearing” march on Saturday, with scores of men pledging to participate. Despite a cold snap, it appears many made good on their promise. The men were joined by many women and children, who accompanied them on a march through Istanbul.

Here are a few images from the march that were shared on social media:

Photo published on Twitter by @stavroulazegkin.

Photo published on Twitter by Zambak Tukan.

Photo published on Twitter by Bensu.

Photo published on Twitter by Yagmur Ozgur.