‘Driverless’ cars take Saudi Arabia by storm


Screenshot of the below video.

A new craze is sweeping Saudi Arabia: cars that drive themselves. Not really; of course, but watching these videos you could be fooled into thinking so. One can see cars slowly drifting by the camera with "drivers" and passengers perched not in front of the steering wheel, but on the roof. Some have filmed themselves drinking tea while others pretend to be riding a horse. One thing’s for sure: they don’t lack imagination.

Video posted on Youtube.

Every video is accompanied by Bedouin poetry set to music. How do they accomplish the technical aspect?

“They block the gas pedal with a tool and lock the car in ‘slow driving’ mode or use the cruise control on 4x4 vehicles,” explains our Observer Mohammad Alsaeedi.

Video posted on Youtube.

Television channels like al-Arabia and Rotana TV have been quick to catch on to the trend taking Saudi youth by storm. Though it’s simple fun for some, for our Observer the fact that young people have so much time on their hands belies underlying social problems that can’t be ignored.

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