Danish police search for thieves seen on Google Street View


Two suspects in the theft of a lawn tractor. Photo by Google Street View. 

Back in May 2012, thieves in Denmark stole a lawn tractor from a business in the southern town of Grasten. Police never found the culprits. But now, more than two and a half years later, they have unearthed an unlikely clue: it turns out two suspects were caught on camera when one of Google’s Street View cars drove through town.

The local police posted the photo to Twitter:

“Fantastic! A Google photo shows two thieves in action in Rinkenaes near Grasten. Who are they?”

The public has not yet come up with an answer. But next time a petty criminal thinks nobody’s watching, they might check twice for cars with giant cameras mounted on top… Especially since this is not the first time illicit acts have been caught by Google's cameras.