Video: What is this airplane doing in the middle of the highway in Gabon?


The residents of Owendo, a suburb of Libreville in Gabon, couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a jet from the Gabonese Air Force on a public highway on Saturday, December 13.

Video filmed on Saturday, December 13 at 7:30am by our Observer in Owendo.

The C-130 military plane was supposed to be sent to Portugal for repairs, but authorities began towing it from the Libreville airport to Owendo, home of Gabon’s main commercial port, around midnight on Friday, December 12. The 30-kilometre journey took almost 10 hours.

The airplane convoy stalled traffic for approximately 4 hours during morning rush hour.

Angry Gabonese took to social media, alleging that the plane was crawling along on its own fuel despite the fact that there is a fuel shortage in Gabon.

Charles L. (not his real name) filmed the airplane's slow progress:

The airplane’s engine wasn’t on and it was being towed so it wasn’t using its own fuel at all. On the other hand, the question that we were all asking ourselves was ‘why wasn’t this airplane taken apart and transferred in trucks piece-by-piece?’ That’s what they usually do.


When contacted by FRANCE 24, the Gabonese Minister of Defense sent us a press release that said: “[The presence of this airplane] on the Libreville expressway is not linked to an emergency landing nor is it because of a lack of fuel.”

The airplane shortly before leaving Libreville Airport on Friday night. Video Chamberland Moukouama.