Video: A real-life 'Ratatouille' in a French bakery


The Disney movie “Ratatouille” showed the world that mice roamed France’s kitchens… but apparently, they roam bakeries, too – or at least one bakery in the northern town of Lille.

A man visiting Lille was taken aback when he noticed mice in the window of a bakery belonging to the chain Paul one night last week. He filmed a video on his phone and posted it online. He said he had first called the bakery to tell them about what he had seen and that the employees had replied, “That’s normal, there are mice everywhere in Lille, they often get into our bakeries”.

Shocked by this response and the health problems implied, the man published the video, which was seen 200,000 times in a few days. This forced the Paul company to post a response on Facebook (below). They apologised and said that they would immediately fix the problem.

Published on the Paul company's Facebook page

This is not the first time Paul has met with bad buzz over mice. In 2010, an Internet user took a photo of a mouse on a tart in a Paul store in Paris. This caused outrage online, though the photo was never verified.