Authorities crack down on youth protests in Guinea


Over the past month, young protesters have held a series of demonstrations in Labé, Guinea’s second largest city. They are calling for the immediate dismissal of Samba Diouma Camara from his post as head of the youth association in Labé, following his declaration on local radio that he will be supporting Alpha Condé, the current President of the Republic of Guinea, in the upcoming presidential elections.

Labé’s position as one of the most economically-prosperous cities in the country makes it an important political asset, with the majority of its inhabitants supporting Cellou Dalein Diallo, Alpha Condé’s main political rival. As a result, many young people in Labé are unhappy that the director of the youth association does not share their political views.

The video below, filmed Thursday, shows the police of Labé chasing after protesters, a few of them throwing stones. Oumar Barry, who sent us the clip, says that no protesters were hurt or arrested in this instance.

Barry says: “The youths are committed to doing whatever it takes to get what they want, which is the removal or resignation of Samba Diouma Camara … [But] the success of their protest is far from becoming a reality, for the simple reason that the authorities of Labé - who have already received a petition signed by some young inhabitants of the city – say that it is difficult for them to remove the director since he did not make any errors in his work … It is simply a question of him having a different political position.”