Ukrainian politician thrown into dumpster


A Ukrainian politician was thrown into a dumpster by a mob on Tuesday, and had to be rescued by security. One of the protesters in the video yells, ‘We live in a country where the blood flows because of you!”

Videos published on YouTube by Оleg Lazarenko.

Vitaly Zhuravsky is a member of parliament who previously belonged to the party of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych. In the weeks before the February revolution, he worked on a bill restricting freedom of speech, which earned him many critics.

The incident took place near the parliament building in Kiev where far-right groups had gathered to demand the passage of a bill that would have prevented officials who had a role in the previous administration from serving in government. On the same day, parliament proposed temporary self-rule to two restive parts of eastern Ukraine and offered amnesty to pro-Russian fighters there, furthering angering some of the protesters.

A similar incident took place earlier this month in Odessa, where a mob threw a local official accused of corruption into a dumpster.