Furious passengers kick politicians off Pakistan Airlines flight


Screen grab from the first video below. 

At Karachi airport on Monday, passengers kicked two politicians off a flight after they arrived more than two hours late, believing that the plane had been held up for them.

The flight’s crew had told passengers of the Pakistan Airlines plane heading to Islamabad that the hold-up was due to  technical problems; however when two politicians – senator Rehman Malik and MP Ramesh Kumar Wakwani – boarded the delayed flight, the passengers felt that this was the real reason for the delay and reacted furiously. 

Two videos of the incident were filmed by passengers and posted online.

In the first video, exasperated passengers crowd the front of the plane. When Senator Malik arrives [at 0’38], they yell at him: “You should be ashamed of yourself; 150 passengers have been put out because of you.” The senator – who is also a former Interior minister – tries to defend himself, but a passenger shouts: “I’m sorry, you are not a minister anymore! And even if you were a minister, we don’t care! You people have to become humans!” The senator finally gave up and left.

In a second video, filmed just moments later, MP Wakwani steps aboard the plane. However, passengers quickly chase him off the plane, yelling “Shame on you!”

Later, senor Malik tried to defend himself in a tweet.

However, this did not seem to convince many Twitter users.

The videos were widely relayed on social media in Pakistan, where many praised the passengers for standing up to the politicians and decried the state of their nation.