Serbians protest to demand answers after deadly hit-and-run


Boran Jovanovic holds a photograph of his son. Photo courtesy of

Every afternoon for the past two weeks, Boran Jovanovic, the father of a hit-and-run victim, has gone to the spot where his son Luka was hit by a car on a bridge in Belgrade. Each time, he’s stood there for 40 minutes, holding up a portrait of 21-year-old Luka, who died from his injuries. He’s said he will not stop until the car’s driver is found and arrested.

His story, relayed in the local press, touched many people in Belgrade. On social media, calls were soon made for others to join Luka's father at his protest. Earlier this week, hundreds of people came out to the bridge in solidarity. Jovanovic told local reporters that he had heard about the social media campaign, but was surprised that so many people showed up.

On Monday, protesters joined the victim's father on the bridge where he was hit. Photo published on Twitter by Robert Robi.

Supporters surround the victim's father. Photo published on Twitter by Iva Dopud.

While Jovanovic says he believes the police are doing all they can to find his son’s killer, others who joined the protest aren’t so sure. Blog Open, a collective of Serbian bloggers, wrote:

Considering that witnesses claim that this was a Mini Morris “Countryman” vehicle, of which there are very few in Serbia and Belgrade, and taking into account that all media in Serbia, except [state-owned] Politika, have been silent about this matter – probably because it was recommended that they do so – suspicion and fear that someone is protecting this hit-and-run driver has caused angry reactions on [social] networks, which has finally led citizens … to go out on the bridge and support the father.

The hashtag #ZaLuku has been used to call for justice for Luka on social media. Here, it is written on a sign held up on the bridge where he was hit. Photo published on Twitter by Tatjana.