Far-right Israelis’ macabre chant: “Olé olé, Gaza is a cemetery!”


During a Tel Aviv demonstration in support of Israel’s operation in Gaza, participants sang particularly violent chants:

Video filmed on July 26 in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. Once you hit play, click the icon that will appear on the bottom right of the screen to activate Enlgish subtitles. 

This video was filmed on July 26 by Israeli journalist Haim Har-Zahav. Far-right groups had organised a counter-protest to a peace rally attended by 7,000 people.

The chant directly attacks two members of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. One of them, Ahmed Tibi, is a former adviser to Yasser Arafat and a member of the Ta’al party, which represents Israel’s Arab minority. The second is Haneen Zoabi, from the Balad party, which is anti-Zionist. Both have publicly said that the men who killed three young Israelis on June 12, who have been identified as members of Hamas in Hebron, could not be termed “terrorists”. These killings led to the escalation of violence in Israel and in the Palestinian territories.

Here is the translation of the chants in the video:

Tibi… Ahmed Tibi…

I want you to know

That the next children to get hit is yours!

I hate Tibi

I hate Tibi the terrorist

Tibi is dead! (x3)

Tibi is a terrorist (x3)

Take away his citizenship (x3)

Olé, olé, olé olé olé

There’s no school tomorrow

There are no children left in Gaza

Olé, olé, olé olé olé


Who’s getting nervous ?

Zoabi, this is the land of Israel

This is Jewish land

I hate you, Zoabi

I hate all Arabs

Oh oh oh oh…

Gaza is a cemetery (x4)

Since the start of the conflict, more than 1,150 people have been killed in Gaza, of which 230 were children, according to the United Nations. They also count more than 6,700 injured. On Israel’s side, 53 soldiers and three civilians have been killed.