Photo posted on the @ISILCats Twitter account with the caption “Milk for the kitties.”

The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (known as ISIS or ISIL) is well-known for its savvy social media strategy and many online fans, the so-called “ISIS fanboys,” the majority of whom tweet from abroad.

But the fanboys of the Sunni extremists have outdone themselves with their newest account, dedicated to photos of Kalashnikov-wielding fighters... cuddling kittens.

“ISIL Cats” is about showing a sometimes silly, often tender side to the fighters. While the majority of photos feature cats, some show lambs (“fluffy!”), baby birds and the oh-so-cute children of commanders.

While fans are posting and retweeting kittens (with such comments as “go follow @ISILcats because cats + Islam = world peace”), ISIS continues its offensive across northern Iraq.

Since the offensive began on June 9, the Sunni insurgents have taken Iraq’s second city, Mosul, as well as a large part of the surrounding province. They also currently control Tikrit and sections of Salaheddine, Diyala, Kirkuk and Anbar provinces. At least 1000 people, mostly civilians, are thought to have died in the violence.

Photo posted on @ISILCats with the caption “I Luvs my mujahid”

Photo posted on @ISILCats with the caption: "Most important thing to put in your ammunition vest and bring to battle is a kitten - Abu Hamza"

Photo posted on @ISILCats Twitter account.