Chinese student draws manual for parents who don’t understand WeChat




To stay in touch with his parents, a student living in Chongqing created an adorable manual that explains how the instant messaging service WeChat works.


“Dear Mom and Dad, I’m not home very often and I since you have trouble learning WeChat by yourselves, I’ve made you this tutorial. I hope this can solve the problem”, he writes in the first page of the manual.



According to the website Shanghaiist, the young man had given his parents two smartphones while he was home for spring break. However, these two weeks of vacation were not long enough for them to learn to use the phones properly. But in their son’s absence, this 9-page manual, which was clearly crafted with love, should be able to help them out.


With more than 300 million users, WeChat is China’s most popular instant messaging service.



Via Shanghaiist.