Video: UN convoy delivering aid to Homs comes under fire



Syrian activists have released a video showing two men in civilian clothing being shot at as they try to reach a UN convoy in the besieged city of Homs.


The UN vehicles were parked just a stone’s throw away from where they had dropped off bundles of food aid, which a crowd had gathered around. Two men run toward the convoy, but are quickly fired at. One of them, however, manages to briefly talk to someone inside a UN vehicle before turning back. The Homs activists who posted the video claim those shooting were pro-government snipers.



The video below shows the UN convoy dropping off the aid, which includes staples like flour, pasta, and canned goods. These food deliveries come during an ongoing UN-led evacuation of civilians trapped in besieged neighbourhoods of Homs. Since last Friday, 1,400 people have been evacuated, according to Homs’ governor. International observers have criticised the authorities for detaining many of the men who have been evacuated.