Dozens of people fanned out through the streets of Deir Atiyah, brooms in hand, as part of the city’s clean-up campaign. Photo uploaded to the campaign’s Facebook page.
After a week of intense fighting against rebel groups in late November, the Syrian army took back the city of Deir Atiyah, about 90 km north of Damascus. The city’s residents took advantage of this period of calm to launch a clean-up operation.
On November 28, the Syrian army took back the city of Deir Atiyah, which had fallen to rebels a week earlier. Only two days following the end of the battle for Deir Atiyah, a group of local students launched a Facebook campaign rallying the local population. The campaign’s stated goal was to live up to the city’s reputation as being one of the cleanest and prettiest in Syria.
The appeal was enthusiatically received by the local population. Armed with brooms and shovels, dozens of people took to the streets over several days last week.
This street in the city’s downtown area was not spared by the fighting.
Campaign participants pose for a photo.
One of Deir Atiyah’s main streets.
Residents sweep away the debris around a mosque.
Manger Square was the area most affected by the fighting.
Cleaning up Chaati square.
Deir Atiyah is located 88 kilometres north of the Syrian capital of Damascus and has a population of about 25,000 people. This primarily Christian city had until recently been mostly spared from the conflict.
All photos were uploaded to the campaign’s Facebook page.