Chinese officials’ worst Photoshop fail ever?



There’s no way this terribly photoshopped image can be anything but a joke. Right? Wrong. This photograph was posted on the website of the government of Ningguo, in China’s Anhui province, with a caption explaining that the vice mayor and other officials had paid visits to elderly citizens during a festival. Internet users quickly noticed that the officials looked like floating giants compared to the old lady, and the photo went viral on Chinese social networks.


Ningguo authorities quickly deleted it from their site and issued an apology, explaining that the officials had indeed visited the old lady. However, they said that because of the layout of the room, the photographer was unable to capture everyone in one shot, and so a municipal employee merged two shots.


Many Chinese bloggers contended that it was unfair that government employees could doctor images and get away with just saying sorry, while regular Internet users who “spread rumours” can now end up in jail if a post they have written is reposted more than 500 times


This, of course, is far from the first time Chinese authorities have been derided for their poor Photoshop skills – though it may be the worst. The last major “PS” scandal, as the software is nicknamed in China, saw officials floating above a road they were meant to inspect. Compared to this latest failed PS job, that one looked positively realistic.