Brazil street photo show aims to keep protest spirit alive




A group of Sao Paulo photojournalists have taken their work to the streets, in the hopes that by displaying their photos of protest, Brasilians will remember what they fought for -- and stay motivated.


The photographers setting up their street show.


Twenty-one lcoal photographers have formed a coalition called Foto Protesto SP. They timed their first street art project to coincide with last weekend’s anti-government protests, which ended in clashes in the capital Brasilia and in Rio de Janeiro. Their photos -- which they did not seek permission to put up in the streets -- feature scenes from the massive wave of protests that wracked Brazil in June, during which demonstrators called for less corruption and an end to soaring prices. Some of their images show scenes of striking violence on the part of police.



The Sao Paulo photographers' hope is that demonstrators’ demands won’t be forgotten. It seems not, as their little exhibit gained a lot of attention in Sao Paulo -- before being taken down Thursday. The photographers aren't yet sure who took the photos off the wall, but say they aren't too concerned. In fact, they're already planning more exhibits.


Passersby's reactions.


The photographers found that their exhibit had disappeared on Thursday. 

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