Israeli soldiers crash wedding, party with Palestinians


Screen grab from video below.


The scene is surreal. In this video, an Israeli Defence Forces soldier, armed and in full uniform, gets down to Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” at a Palestinian wedding. At one point, he is even hoisted up on one of the Palestinian men’s shoulders.



According to Israeli news site 972, two soldiers on patrol in Hebron crashed the wedding after hearing the song from outside. In the video, the crowd clearly appears to welcome them and encourages them to dance. Several young men take out their mobile phones to film this rare moment of camaraderie.


However, the Israeli authorities did not find the scene funny in the least. After the video surfaced on YouTube on August 27, the soldiers’ entire patrol was suspended.


“This is an incident of utmost severity,” the IDF said in a statement. “The soldiers have been called in for questioning, and the commanders of the brigade and the battalion are investigating. The soldiers [in question] will be dealt with appropriately.”