The Photoshop fail that’s causing a stir in Japan



It’s one of the funniest botched Photoshop jobs we’ve seen in a while. Myagi University in Japan is being mocked online because of a rather intriguing photo that ended up in the school’s brochure.


This photo shows a student that appears normal, except if you look under the table...


At first glance the image looks as if there is nothing wrong with it: a young woman is sitting in class taking notes. But if you look under the desk, a third hand is resting  on one of her legs. According to the website Kotaku, the photo was tweeted more than 4,000 times, and has been renamed the “spirits photo” or “ghost photo.”


In reality, it seems that the original photograph showed the student in a position that the university did not think was serious enough: her hand was on her leg and hung under the table while she wrote. The university photoshoped in an arm leaning on the desk, but then forgot to remove the original arm.


The brochure has been reprinted with the girl sitting appropriately with the right number of arms.