Dubai police arrest man over video of immigrant assault



Dubai police have arrested a man because he publicly posted a video on YouTube which alerted them to an attack by an Emirati man on an expatriate driver.


Footage shows a man native to the emirate slapping and beating an Indian expatriate van driver with his igal, or headband, on July 13.


The police were only originally alerted to the video because the son of the alleged attacker had spotted it on YouTube and said that the video “damaged his father’s reputation” as it had been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. The police did their job, and arrested the alleged attacker.


However, they did not stop there. The police reported via their official Twitter account on Wednesday that they had also arrested the man who shot the video of the bus driver incident.



The police also said on Twitter, in response to a question from ABC Australia, said that the cameraman was arrested because “he shared the video”.


The police later clarified their statement: "You can tape it and deliver it to the police. You shall not share it over social networks ... If a crime was video recorded, the recorded material has to go privately to the police and not shared over Internet."


According to local newspaper Gulf News, the cameraman was simply passing by when the incident occurred.


The paper also added that Major General Al Mazeina said the case will be transferred to the public prosecutor.