Where, oh where is Malibu's beach?


Photo published on Flickr by Tensaibuta.



Malibu, California: the sunshine, the palm trees, the beach… But wait, where exactly is that beach? More than one visitor has been stumped trying to get a glimpse of it, as most of the coastline is lined with private homes that seemingly block any access to the beach.


Indeed, many of Malibu’s wealthy seafront owners consider the beach their private playground, and have spent decades trying to conceal access points with illegal gates, scary signs, and all sorts of other deterrents.


Photos Courtesy of Our Malibu Beaches.


However, like all of California’s beaches, Malibu’s beach is indeed public, and technology is now helping people locate those hard-to-spot access ways. The app “Our Malibu Beaches”, which was crowd-funded online and has just been released, shines a spotlight on 17 entry points hidden among 20 miles of private development. Thanks to smartphones, the days of the invisible beach may finally be over.