Abu Sakkar became infamous last week when a video surfaced online showing him apparently tearing the heart out of a Syrian soldier’s corpse and biting into it. Now, the rebel fighter explains his act in a new video.
In this video, Sakkar is first shown praying, asking God to heal the wounded and bless the souls of martyrs. Then, the person filming asks him if he regrets killing the pro-Bashar Al Assad “chabbih” (meaning “militiaman”) and mutilating his body.
His answer:
“I belong to the Syrian people, who in turn belong to the rest of the world. I am willing to be judged for my actions, on the condition that Bashar and his ‘chabbihas’ are also judged for the crimes they have committed against our women and children. I want the whole world to hear this: if blood doesn’t stop flowing in Syria, all Syrians will become Abu Sakkars!”
The interviewer asks him once again if he regrets what he did:
“Videos filmed by these men on their own mobile phones show them killing children, raping women, and burning bodies. They cut some men’s hands off, and torture or slit the throats of others. No free Syrian who sees these images could remain indifferent.”
The interviewer asks him a last question: “Will you continue fighting in the revolution?”
His reply: “Victory or death.”