In Bahrain, one of opposition activists’ main methods of protest is to block roads, but sometimes this tactic goes terribly wrong. A Bahraini activist coalition, Dar Kulaib Media, shared a video of a jeep refusing to stop at a roadblock and slamming into a protester. When the incident occurred, the protesters were just about to set tires alight in order to stop cars from driving through a roadblock.
Screenshot from of a video showing the moment when the Jeep hit the protester.
The shocking  video was shared nearly 200,000 times in just 48 hours on social networks. On its Facebook page, the Dar Kulaib coalition also shared photos of the protester’s wounds and of the operation he underwent in a makeshift hospital.
The local police chief declared the protesters would be held responsible for whatever happened to the young man if he was not brought to a hospital. Some online users were angered by crticical remarks made by the Bahraini Ministry of the Interior which said that only the driver of the jeep, and not the victim as well, had gone to the police following the incident.
The accident has sparked the outrage of many Bahraini bloggers, some of whom have even shared blown-up photos of the vehicle's license plate and are calling for revenge. Since February 2011, members of Bahrain’s Shiite community, who say they suffer from discrimination, have regularly been taking to the streets to protest against the country’s Sunni monarchy.