Ocean foam party at Australian seaside resort




In Alexandra Headland, a seaside resort in the eastern Australian state of Queensland, residents have been enjoying a wall of ocean foam that has blanketed the local beaches and even parts of the city.


The foam, which spread to several seaside towns, reached a height of 3 metres in some areas. This phenomenon is the results of the passage of Oswald, a cyclone that ended up being downgraded to a tropical storm.


Local residents and tourists have been busy taking lots of photos and videos of the ocean foam.


Alexandra Headland residents faced difficult driving conditions. Video uploaded to Facebook by Gregory Ferguson.


The ocean foam sparked the curiosity of beach-goers.


The foam, scattered by the wind, spread out over the city of Alexandra Headland.


The storm also had far less merry consequences. In Brisbane, the state capital, hundreds of homes have been flooded, and local authorities report three deaths and dozens of injuries.