Heavy rains cause flash floods in Israeli shopping centre


The shopping centre Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut on Monday morning. Screenshot from video posted on YouTube by Tanya Yanai.


Shoppers in Israeli had their browsing experience cut short after heavy rain flooded a commercial centre between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Knee deep in floodwater, employees and shoppers were forced to evacuate.


Triggered by a recent downpour, water levels reached roughly 40 centimetres in the centre. Homes were also flooded and debris spilled onto the nearby motorway, forcing it to temporarily close.


Video published on YouTube by Tanya Yanai


Safe and dry on the second storey, onlookers filmed the dramatic event.


A flash food also took place last year. Work was carried out to raise the pavements, but the flood defence measure failed to hold back the deluge.


Video published by Noam Eisenberg on his Facebook page