A video showing Cameroonian presidential guards beating up a man was posted on YouTube on December 8. 
The video was published on a site run by expat Cameroonians living in Belgium. According to them, the incident took place on November 30; they believe the man who is beaten up by presidential guards was a protester that refused to get off the road that President Paul Biya’s convoy was scheduled to drive down. The site’s administrators say they were in contact with the person who filmed the video.
Thanks to our Observers in Cameroon, FRANCE 24 was able to verify that this scene took place in the diplomatic capital Yaoundé, at a road junction bordered by the central post office as well as ministerial offices. President Biya’s convoy indeed drove through this junction on November 30, which is the day he hosted Equatorial Guinea’s president. After welcoming him at the airport, they were scheduled to have a meeting at Yaoundé’s Hilton Hotel, located just a few dozen metres from this road junction.
When contacted by FRANCE 24, an aide to the Communications Minister said that “when the president goes to this hotel, the road leading to this junction is cleared for security reasons.” The aide also confirmed that the men in the video were presidential guards, recognisable by their uniforms.
However, it is impossible at this point to say why this man was dragged away by the presidential guards. Human rights activists in Cameroon say they are investigating the incident. FRANCE 24 contacted government officials in Yaoundé, who have not yet replied to our queries.
If new information surfaces, we will update this article. If you have any information about this incident, please contact us at observers@france24.com.