"You’re f****** animals!": A French expat goes on nasty tirade against construction workers


Screen grab from a video published on YouTube by usiaoboh.


It’s safe to say that Olivier Desbarres, a French expatriate working as a trader in Singapore, isn’t a morning person. But he probably never thought this would cost him his job – and he certainly didn’t realise someone was filming him having an early morning temper tantrum.


On October 20, at around 8:45 a.m., the Frenchman started screaming at a group of construction workers near his house, saying that the noise they were making was ruining his family’s weekend. In the past few days, a video of the scene has gone viral on the Internet. It’s embarrassing enough as it is, but there’s another reason for its success: Desbarres wasn’t just any trader. He was the head of foreign exchange strategy for Barclays bank’s Asia Pacific Division, until his profanity-laden outburst got him fired.


WARNING: This video contains explicit language. 



According to eyewitnesses, Desbarres even threw rocks toward the construction workers, then left and came back with golf clubs, threatening to hit them if they didn’t stop making noise.