One year after deadly floods, preparedness test in Bangkok cancelled over heavy rainfall



Nearly one year after Thailand was hit by the worst floods it had seen in decades, authorities were forced to cancel a flood preparedness drill in the eastern part of the capital Bangkok on Friday, ironically due to heavy rain and the risk of flooding.


A first round of tests, which were meant  to assess the city’s water drainage system in the event of torrential downpours, were carried out earlier this week without a hitch. Yet as heavy rain began to fall on Bangkok on Friday, authorities apparently decided that the city’s flood control system was not quite ready to handle the real thing.


Thailand, like many parts of Southeast Asia, experiences an annual monsoon season. On Thursday, weather services reported flooding in the north, and the National Disaster Warning Centre put most of the country on alert Friday against possible flash floods and mudslides over the weekend. Bangkok was also issued a warning against rising water levels.


Footage showing flooding in Bangkok on Thursday, September 6. Video posted on YouTube by Nattapong Mangkang.


At least 800 people were killed by floods in Thailand last year.