Micheline Azar, reporting from Daraya. Screen grab from a video report posted to YouTube on August 25.
A report circulating widely online from private pro-regime Syrian channel Addounia TV is generating much debate as to the methods used by the channel's journalists.
This report, filmed in Daraya after a massacre for which the government and the Syrian Army blame each other, shows journalist Micheline Azar setting the scene to a background of classical music. The cameraman films close-ups of several corpses stretched out on the ground or in cars. “As usual, by the time we arrive at the scene, the terrorists have already done what they do best: committed criminal acts, murdered people... and all in the name of freedom,” says Azar.
A few moments later, the journalist casually approaches an elderly woman in agony who appears to be waiting for medical help. Azar extends the microphone with perfectly manicured hands and demands to know who is responsible.
The reporter is then filmed interviewing children lying alongside a lifeless body in the back of a car. “Who is that?” she asks. “My mother,” replies the little girl, who cannot be more than four or five years old.
This 14-minute piece has unleashed a wave of furious comments on social networks. The methods practised by the journalist, who “does live broadcasts against a background of dying people”, are being denounced as grossly degrading. One Facebook user commented: “No true professional would interview wounded people before they had been cared for by the emergency services.”
The full report was translated into English, here. Warning: these images may shock viewers.