Utah road sign hacked to read ‘God hates gays’



Annie Frewin was driving down University Avenue in the town of Provo, Utah earlier this week when she rolled by an electronic road sign alerting cars to “Follow detour” before flashing the words “God hates gays”.


Video posted on YouTube by SaveYourself777.


Shocked, Frewin doubled back to film the sign and then posted the video on YouTube. Provo city officials finally removed the offensive message at 5:30am on Tuesday, August 7. The images have attracted tens of thousands of viewers, many of whom have expressed their anger or regret over the incident in comments on the video’s page.


Tuesday's incident is not the first time an electronic road sign has been hacked to display hate speech. Following the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin earlier this year, a road sign in Michigan was tampered with to show a racist slur.