Hundreds of concrete spikes were recently installed under a bridge in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, where homeless people took shelter. It is as of yet unclear who ordered the installation of these spikes, as the city’s various authorities have all denied being responsible.
Photos of this setup shocked many Chinese Internet users, who decried the measure as a cold-hearted way of getting rid of the homeless. According to personnel at the nearby airport, many homeless people had recently set up camp under the bridge, and some of them would light fires to cook their food over, prompting security concerns. The airport, however, also denies having put up the spikes.
Chinese artist Ou Zhihang decided to protest by posing on the spikes naked, like a fakir. 
In early July, a message by activist Liang Shuxin calling for the spikes’ removal was retweeted over 47,000 times. Many Internet users commented that the money spent on putting up these spikes would have been better spent building shelters for the homeless.
Some, however, have wondered if the goal was not to scare away the homeless, but rather to keep pedestrians from walking there or to keep cars from making U-turns under the bridge.
This drawing was posted on Chinese social networking site Weibo by Kuang Biao: "The brains of those behind this are nothing but concrete spikes."