Photos: 17th century Italian church damaged by earthquake



Our Observer Kawtar-Tizemt El Moutawakil, who lives in northern Italy, has sent us photos of the damage caused by Tuesday’s earthquake, which registered at 5.8 on the Richter scale. Residents of the northern Emilia Romagna region have felt hundreds of aftershocks.


The ground has been shaking constantly here. In the two days since the earthquake, I’ve felt several very strong aftershocks, but fortunately, they haven’t caused any real damage.


These photos show some of the damage caused by Tuesday’s big earthquake in the town of Modena. The historic Chiesa del Voto church suffered badly. A large ball of decorative granite fell on the sidewalk, creating a huge crack. It almost hit a woman. The police and fire fighters are now working to repair the church.


The damaged sidewalk in front of the Chiesa del Votochurch.


The Chiesa del Voto church.