Damascus activists protest in solidarity with Rima Dali, jailed heroine of the revolution



It was a brave, solitary act. On Sunday, a young woman, Rima Dali, stood in the middle of a busy Damascus street holding a banner that called for the government to stop killing its citizens. For this, she was arrested and taken into detention. To honour her, supporters recreated this protest on Wednesday.


The video below shows Dali on Sunday holding a banner that reads, “Stop the killing. We want to build a country for all Syrians.”



Following news of Dali’s arrest, Syrian cyber activists quickly launched an online campaign to demand her release, using the Twitter hashtag #FreeRimaDali. Through Facebook, they also organised a bold real-life protest by planning to meet in the same intersection she had stood at, holding banners with the same slogan. At least two dozen people showed up; it is unclear at this time whether any of them have since been arrested.



Activists circulated this photo (below), which they say is of Dali, on social networks.