'Noynoying': the art of making fun of president 'Noynoy'’s inaction




After “planking”, a game that lawmakers tried to ban the Philippines after it took on political overtones, “noynoying” has become the latest rage on Filipino social networks. The concept is simple: people take photos of themselves “doing nothing when they should be busy”. Most participants take photos of themselves lying down, yawning, or stretching out, as in the images below.


“Noynoying”, which has become a synonym for inaction, was inspired by the Philippines’ president, Benino Aquino III, known to many by his nickname “Noynoy”. The president has faced growing criticism for doing nothing to stop the rise of fuel prices.


The president’s team responded on March 15 by posting a photo on Twitter of Noynoy hard at work, reading documents. Unfortunately for him, all that Internet users seemed to notice was the presence of a TV remote and a DVD on his desk.


Since then, “Noynoying” has only grown in popularity.


All these photos were posted to the Facebook page "Noynoying like a boss".


A new meme has also appeared alongside this one – photoshopping photos of the president at work into ridiculous situations.