Following the death on Thursday of Mohamed Merah, the man who confessed to three shootings in the south of France, many videos claiming to show his final moments are swirling around the Internet. The Observers team takes a look at some of these fake videos.
The amateur video below has been posted all over social networks. It is presented as a video of Merah jumping from his first-story window to try to flee from the police.
Several Internet users quickly flagged this video as a fake, and posted another video which proves that this scene really took place in Toronto in September 2011 (see below). In these images, a man jumps from the third floor of a building, reportedly after being tased by a police officer. The police officers in both videos are clearly wearing the same uniforms.

The image below, which has been circulating online under the pretence of being the first image of Merah’s lifeless body, is actually a photo of a man killed by security forces in Syria. It was published by several media outlets in January 2012.

Meanwhile, numerous new accounts have been created on social media networks under Merah’s name. (Merah had told police he planned to post videos of his killings online; none have yet been found). This video posted by “Mohamed Merah” went online at 4 p.m. on Thursday – about two hours after the real Merah’s death.