Holding on to humour in Syria



Most of the videos posted online by Syrian activists show chilling violence – bombings, sniper fire, bullet wounds, dead bodies, and other evidence of the brutal crackdown on protesters by the authorities. Once in a while, however, they’ll post light-hearted videos that show that despite all this, they’ve managed to retain a sense of humour.


The latest video, posted by activists in the northern town of Hass, is titled “Evidence that the Free Syrian Army is being armed by the United States and Israel” – in jest, of course.




The comedians in the video, dressed as rebel soldiers, answer questions from a “reporter”:


Reporter: “Where were you?”


Rebel: “We went to the Turkish border to get weapons. As you can see, we have 4x4s that run on biofuel.”


Reporter: “How economical!”


Rebel: “Exactly – plus, they can’t be detected by Iranian or Russian radars!”


The rebels go on to show off their high tech “weapons” that they say were given to them by the US – farm instruments.


Last month, Syrian activists made light of their plight through several sketches making fun of the Arab League observers’ mission to Syria.