Football supporters in Cairo demand revenge



At least 73 people were killed and 313 people wounded Wednesday in Port Said in clashes between supporters of a local football team and those of a team from Cairo. Now, fans from the capital are calling for revenge. The video below shows a train full of supporters of Cairo’s football club, Al-Ahly, arriving home by train at 3:30 a.m. A large crowd greeted them, chanting: “Either we die like they did, or avenge their deaths!”

Many Al-Alhy supporters are convinced that Wednesday’s violence is the result of a plot against them, allegedly orchestrated by the country’s military rulers because of the football fans’ participation in the revolution last year. Al-Alhy supporters are planning a protest in the capital this afternoon.



At 2 a.m., a crowd gathered in Cairo's central station to greet the returning Al-Alhy football fans. At 27 seconds into the video, the sign reads: "Where is the Interior Minister, an accomplice to the baltagias [militiamen who supported former president Hosni Mubarak]?"


This video was filmed outside the train station. The crowd chants: "The people want to execute the marshal!" (Field Marchal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is the head of Egypt's ruling army council.)