This image, posted on Facebook, shows how the photograph published on the front page of Le Maghreb on January 29 was digitally altered. 
Between 8,000 and 10,000 people protested in the streets of Tunis Saturday to denounce extremism and violence. But apparently that number wasn’t big enough for some. On its front page, the daily newspaper Le Maghreb published a photograph photoshopped to add more protesters to the crowd.
Web-users proved the falsehood by pointing to sections of the crowd that were duplicated in other parts of the photograph.
Le Maghreb, which has a reputation for being a serious left-leaning newspaper, is headed by Editor-in-Chief Zied Krichen, who was attacked by an extremist Islamist last week just outside a courthouse.
Contacted by FRANCE 24, Krichen explained that the photographer digitally altered the image himself, and that Le Maghreb’s editors were unaware of this when the newspaper went to print. Krichen says a correction will run in the newspaper's Tuesday’s edition (it is not printed on Mondays).