Play mocks Arab League monitors’ mission to Syria



To channel their frustration with the work of the Arab League monitors visiting their country, anti-regime protesters in the western town of Hass staged a little play and posted the video online.



The play begins with a mock protest, which is quickly dispersed by fake gunfire. Voices repeatedly yell, “They’re shooting protesters in the presence of Arab League monitors!” as children fall to the ground. Their “mothers” cry, “May God take away your children, Bashar [Al Assad].” The “monitors” are distracted from the scene by two “women” – men in drag – but one of them returns, waving a fistful of cash.


He then turns to the camera and says: “The situation is calm in Syria. There are no more tanks on city streets. Anwar Malek [a former Arab League monitor who denounced the violence he witnessed in Syria] is spreading lies about the Syrian regime. The regime is doing just fine.”


In a second video, the "monitors" act blind, deaf and dumb.