Here are some of the most striking amateur videos we saw in 2011.

INDONESIA: Members of a Muslim group lynched by extremists

In February, members of the Ahmadiyya community - an Islamic movement considered a sect by Islamic traditionalists - became victims of an extremely violent lynching, as police looked on helplessly. Our Observer received footage of this barbaric act from one of the survivors of the massacre.

EGYPT: ‘I was paid 5,000 pounds to wreak havoc in the Cairo protests’

According to the person who shot this video, the man it features was one of the Mubarak supporters who attacked opposition demonstrators in Cairo in early February. Caught and detained by anti-Mubarak protesters, he was filmed confessing that he had been paid by authorities to attack demonstrators and to shout “Long live Mubarak!”

IVORY COAST: Police stand by as two men are burned alive by mob

In early March, we received a shocking video showing two men being burnt alive by a mob in the Ivory Coast. One of our Observers confirmed that this incident took place close to his home in the neighbourhood of Yopougon in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast's main commercial city.
We chose not to publish the entire video. WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY SHOCK VIEWERS.

SYRIA: Syrian youth ‘shot down’ while filming neighbourhood violence

As Syrian security forces reportedly raided a neighbourhood in the western city of Homs in July, a young man stepped out onto a balcony to film the violence. Moments later, it seems a uniformed officer spotted the young man, pointed his gun and shot him.

RUSSIA: Extreme hazing in Russia’s army

In August alone, three Russian soldiers committed suicide. According to their families and soldiers’ rights defence groups, these deaths were caused by “dedovshchina,” an extremely brutal form of hazing dating back to the Soviet era which remains common today.

LIBYA: Muammar Gaddafi’s demise, in amateur videos

On October 20, National Transitional Council combatants found ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi holed up in a tunnel to the east of Sirte, his home town. A few hours later, he was dead. His body was brought to a mosque in the city of the rebel-stronghold Misrata. The former dictator’s last hours were captured in amateur videos.