Video of passers-by ignoring hit-and-run victim sparks online furor in China

 A CCTV footage showing passers-by ignoring the plight of a 2-year-old hit-and-run victim on the busy street of a southern Chinese city has sparked an uproar across the country.



UPDATE (October 21, 2011):


Yue Yue died in her hospital bed in the early hours of Friday morning. During her week-long battle for life, the toddler’s tragic accident made headlines in China and throughout the world. Her story has spurred much debate on Chinese blogs  and social networks about whether this incident reflects a larger problem in Chinese society. The tweet below says, “Yue Yue has been murdered by everyone in this country.”






A CCTV camera has captured a two-year-old girl named Yue Yue being hit by a van on October 13 in the southern city of Foshan. In the footage, the driver can be seen hesitating before driving off, crushing the toddler for a second time under his rear wheels.


This was only the beginning of the toddler’s ordeal. The ensuing footage shows a dozen people walking by Yue Yue, her bleeding body clearly visible, without stopping to help. Some pretend not to see the agonising toddler, while cyclists and rickshaw drivers sway to avoid the expanding pool of blood. Yue Yue's body is then run over again by another van.


It took six long minutes before an elderly rubbish collector noticed and rushed to help the injured toddler. Although she was promptly taken to the military hospital of Guangzhou, Yue Yue is still fighting for her life.


The horrific footage has sparked outrage across the country and Chinese web users are now monitoring the posts of Yue Yue’s father on the microblogging site Sohu for updates on the toddler’s critical condition.






"How can people be so indifferent?!"

Li Moral is a Chinese blogger living in Beijing.


This accident shocked us all and it’s currently the most discussed story on Chinese social networks, microblogging sites, and forums… Everywhere the same question is being asked by outraged netizens: What has happened to us? How can people be so indifferent?


Some people point to the Pengyu case, after the name of a man who ended up having to compensate an old woman he had wanted to help. Many people are now inclined to think twice before helping out senior citizens out of fear of a lawsuit.


The two drivers who ran over Yue Yue have been arrested and they won’t be able to escape their criminal responsibilities. But Chinese netizens are also angry against passers-by for their apathy and we hope that this accident will make people less indifferent to others’ plight.