New Mexico cop fired for having sex on hood of a car



In the Midwestern state of New Mexico, the State Police go by the motto “Pro Bono Publico”, which translates to, “For the Public Good”. Yet, as was made evident in the case of Officer Bert Lopez, a decorated eight year veteran of the New Mexico State Police Department, sometimes it’s easier to think of one’s self than of others.


In what could be perceived as a moment of utter thoughtlessness, Lopez was caught by a security camera having sex with a woman on the hood of a car. Although Lopez can be seen wearing his uniform, the New Mexico State Police Department has not said whether he was in fact on duty at the time of the incident. It has indicated, however, that Lopez has since been fired.


Below is one of the surveillance photos caught by a motion-triggered security camera at the La Bajada Ranch just south of the capital, Santa Fe. The woman’s face has been distorted for privacy reasons.


Image posted on Youtube by zonewood6228 .