Post-riot police not so light on their feet at annual Notting Hill Carnival


As London slowly heals from the five days of rioting and looting that took place earlier this month, the city celebrates its annual Notting Hill Carnival – a two day festival of lively music, vibrant dancing and vivid colours honouring Caribbean culture.


This year’s festivities however are set to the sombre backdrop of nearly 6,500 police officers, a clear sign that the city is not taking any risks that widespread partying doesn’t transform into another bout of widespread unrest. As a preventative measure London’s Metropolitan Police has granted its officers extensive search powers, allowing them to seize personal items or require an individual to remove items worn “wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing their identity”.


Here’s a look at the heavy police presence at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival:


A group of at least five police officers subdue a festival-goer by pinning the person to the ground, while several others form a boundary between the incident and bystanders. This video was posted on YouTube by noliver86, who commented “Just to the left, there is [sic] around 30 more police in 3 rows with full riot gear attached to their belts.”


Police march through London's Notting Hill Carnival. Photo published on Twitter by RoxieAngel011.


Photo published on Twitter by @jenvoyce.


Some participants took to social networking websites such as Twitter to describe the impressive police turnout:




The police presence at the Notting Hill Carnival has not always carried such weighted undertones. In past years some officers have even crossed the line between event security and event participant: dancing, grinding and yes, even crooning Bob Marley lyrics to cheering crowds.


Here's a look at previous Notting Hill Carnivals:


A policewoman dances with festival goers at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2004. Video posted on YouTube by reeza0.


A policeman bumps and grinds with Notting Hill Carnival dancers in 2006. Video posted on YouTube by krisfury.


Policewomen dance to the music at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2007. Video posted on YouTube by lucabartoli.


A policeman sings a Bob Marley song to audiences at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2010. Video posted on YouTube by marvinleecruzer.