New Zealand snowfall a 'once in many decades event'



A heavy snowfall can inspire a number of reactions: goose-bumps, a bad cold and, for an unlucky few, chionophobia (a profound fear of snow). In New Zealand it seems to have inspired mostly confusion.


For many in New Zealand, it’s the first time, if ever, they’ve seen snow fall in the country for years. Forecasters have labelled the cold snap as a “once in many decades event”, saying snow hadn’t been seen in the capital city Wellington since the 1970s.


New Zealanders have since posted a storm of videos on the Internet depicting freshly made snowmen, sledging, snowball fights and other first time experiences.


Furthermore, the deluge isn’t expected to let up in the southeastern regions the country’s South Island, and the southern and central parts of the North Island until Thursday – much to the chagrin or delight of many.



 Fun in the snow in New Zealand's Akatarawa Valley. Video posted by RefineDesign on August 15.




This dog from Wellington, New Zealand is no great fan of snow. Video posted on Youtube by c4ndyk1553s on August 16.



A little girl exclaims “holy moly” as she watches snow fall from an apartment in Wellington, New Zealand. Video posted on Youtube by joolaprime on August 16.



"Jerk" dancing in the snow. Video posted on Youtube by Kandyinc on August 16.