VIDEO: Obama motorcade limo gets stuck in Irish embassy


One of Barack Obama's presidential limousines got stuck on a ramp at the US embassy in Dublin on May 23, but US officials denied the car was the President's heavily armoured Cadillac.


Speculation that Obama's bullet and missile-proof Cadillac limo, nicknamed "The Beast", had been blocked by a simple gateway, generated a ripple of amusement online.


The first cars in the presidential motorcade emerged up the ramp from the car park beneath the complex in Ballsbridge and passed through the gates without incident, but one of the low-slung limos quickly ran into trouble when it became jammed.


Irish state radio station RTE reported that it was Obama's heavily armoured Cadillac which had become grounded, but a Secret Service spokesman later said "it was a spare limo carrying staff and support personnel only".

Amateur video published onIrish radio RTE's website.


"There was a loud kind of bang, metal-on-metal, grinding, crunching noise and the car was stuck," an RTE reporter said. The reporter said that as it drove out, the car appeared to have got its low underbelly caught on a piece of metal sticking up that a gate might lock into.


Barack and Michelle Obama were later driven to the helicopter waiting to whisk them to the village of Moneygall, from where one of Obama's great-great-great-grandfathers headed to the US in 1850.


Video published on YouTube by Peps4711.