Protest in the north-eastern town of Qamishli, on May 13. Photo posted on the Facebook group The Syrian Revolution 2011.
Widespread demonstrations went ahead in several Syrian cities on Friday, May 13, despite the government’s brutal efforts to clamp down on the protest movement. Here is a selection of amateur videos from the demonstrations today.
Regime opponents had vowed protests would go ahead as usual after Friday’s midday prayers, even though Syrian forces have mounted a sweeping arrest campaign in recent days. Thousands of people took to the streets in the central city of Homs, the southern town of Deraa and the north-eastern Kurdish-majority town of Qamishli, as well as in several smaller towns.
The Syrian Revolution 2011, a Facebook group that has been one of the driving forces behind the protests, called for a "Free Women Friday" in support of arrested or killed women demonstrators.
Despite an order from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad not to shoot protesters, rights activists said that two people were shot dead in Homs when security forces opened fire to break up a demonstration. At least 600 protesters have been killed since the start of the unrest, according to activists.
This video was shot in the northern town of Kafr Nable in the Idlib Governorate, on May 13. At the head of the march protesters are brandishing a banner with the logos of FRANCE 24, the BBC and other major news channels. Underneath is the proverb: "He who can see the truth does not turn towards his shadow", and at the very bottom in crooked little letters "Syrian media".  By this, the protesters mean that international channels are broadcasting the true story of the situation in Syria, and that people should not believe the version of the official Syrian media. Video posted on YouTube by freesyria2011free.
This video was shot in Homs on May 13. According to one of our contacts in the city, the protesters gathered in front of the great Al Akhyar mosque after prayers. They demonstrated for about two hours, chanting slogans like "Freedom! Freedom!" and "The people want the end of the regime!" before being dispersed by police. Video posted on YouTube by malekali7.
According to our Observer, this video shows protesters hiding behind buildings to protect themselves from gunfire on Al Wadi street behind the Zafiran mosque. Video posted on YouTube by fnnsyria.
Peaceful marches also took place in the north-eastern town of Qamishli, in Syria’s Kurdish-majority region. Video posted on YouTube by Derikahemko.