Israel has deployed a new missile defence system dubbed ‘iron dome’ to intercept Hamas rockets, amid a month of attacks and counter attacks between the Israeli army and Palestinian fighters in the Gaza strip that both sides fear could rapidly deteriorate into all-out war.
Two Hamas militants were killed on Friday, March 8 in a new air strike on the Palestinian territory of Gaza. The day before, Hamas’s military wing fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus, critically wounding a teenager.
Israel responded immediately, launching more than a dozen strikes on targets across the Gaza strip, killing five people and wounding many more. Friday’s strike brings the total toll to seven dead and 41 wounded since the school bus attack.
As the rockets flew over the border, Israel announced its new Iron Dome short-range missile defence system intercepted a rocket heading for the southern port city of Ashkelon. This is the first time the system has been successfully used anywhere in a combat situation.
Video produced by the IDF (Israeli military) announcing the deployment of the ‘Iron dome’ missile defence system. Posted on YouTube by idfnadesk on April 5.

Security footage of sucessful Iron Dome system tests in July 2010. Posted on YouTube by gorf1.