Grandmother clobbers jewellery thieves with hand bag



Armed with her handbag, a grandmother attacked a group of robbers as they were burgling a luxury watch store. Her intervention and succeeded in chasing away the six thugs, and getting four of them arrested.


This footage was filmed by an onlooker in the town of Northampton at around 9:30 on the morning of the 7th February. A group of six thugs armed with sticks and sledgehammers began smashing the shopfront glass of the store to grab watches and jewels.  While store staff tried to close the metal shutter to protect the windows, a middle aged woman dressed in a red overcoat, ran to the scene of the robbery and began whacking the robbers with her handbag.


Two robbers tried to flee the scene on their scooter, but the vehicle slid and one fell to the floor. The grandmother took the opportunity to throw in a few more blows and pick up stranded jewllery. The heroine later told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo that once she realised there was a robbery going on and nobody was doing anything, she just snapped.


At the end of the video, several passers-by finally came to her aid and detained the robbers. Three others were later arrested by the police, but another  two are still at large.