Air France passengers film forceful extradition of Malian immigrant






These three videos were shot on Thursday, January 20, by a passenger of an Air France flight from Paris to Bamako, and published by the French magazine Les They show an illegal immigrant from Mali, who has been evicted from the French territory, being forcefully escorted onto the plane by French police a few minutes before take-off.


Before the man was brought onto the plane, passengers were handed out a “letter of explanation” instructing them not to get up or try to stop the arrest. But several passengers who were unable to bear the sight of the man screaming and struggling with the police tried to interfere, prompting the pilot to halt take-off procedures. As a result, police reinforcements were called in and proceeded to arrest the 14 passengers who had protested against the eviction or filmed the scene. They were charged with “causing a disturbance to air traffic.”