The world's most expensive Christmas tree



It's that time of the year again... Christmas trees have sprouted up at every street corner. But who would have imagined  the world's most expensive Christmas tree would show up in an Arab country, the United Arab Emirates?


On the December 15, the abovementioned tree tree was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. But  the reason it is so exceptional is not it's 13-meter height, nor its unexpected location (a palace in Abu Dhabi), but its exorbitant cost: more that 11 million dollars! Its shimmering branches are studded with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, saphires.


Facing criticism that it's lavish holiday decoration was a little over the top, the Emirates Palace hotel issued a statement saying it regretted "attempts to overload the tradition followed by most hotels in the country".


Emirates Palace stressed that the jewels were on loan from an Abu Dhabi gallery which had paid all the costs of making and decorating the tree. The jewels would be recovered by their owner at the end of the festive season.

"The hotel is just a venue for exhibiting the tree," it said.



Photo publiished on Flickr by AlBargan.